The Productivity Suite for Augmented Reality

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Get started with AR solutions and dramatically improve existing business processes. Worksense improves high-value, common tasks with AR.

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Sign up to watch an introduction to Worksense, where we will discuss how the suite improves common tasks and business processes. We will provide walkthroughs of DAQRI Show and DAQRI Tag and show you how AR can be put to use in your organization immediately.

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Collaborate with your team using a natural combination of video, voice and 3D annotations. Your audience can observe, guide or annotate your real-world view with digital tools and instructions. Gain hands-free interaction with remote experts who can help you diagnose next steps, or to deliver the ultimate product support experience to your customers.

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Attach critical information, notes or multimedia to real-world facilities, objects, and assets to manage your operations at a glance. Link live data from existing IoT systems such as IBM Maximo or Honeywell BMS for hands-free asset management - perfect for complex tasks like maintenance and inspections.

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Instantly map your environment and equipment to create photorealistic, shareable 3D digital models. Capture models of assets to help with repairs, maintenance and retrofits.

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MODEL: BIM Edition

For professionals in the design studio or in the field, convert high resolution 3D Objects from Autodesk BIM 360 Docs into immersive, full-scale walkthroughs. Teams can compare designs to work in progress and keep the job site and the head office in sync with a fully digital workflow.

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Workforces need simple, clear ways to stay on track. DAQRI Guide complements the broader Worksense suite to bring instructions and reference media into AR view. DAQRI Guide helps you deliver the right content to people in the context of their jobs and environment.

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